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3 Tips to Letting Sh*t Go

Okay, so you've spent all your time working on yourself. You've been going to the gym, eating healthier, clearing your energetic space, and making everything lavish for yourself. You're on the right track and feeling great about yourself, only for some bullsh*t to find its way back to you. And just like that, you're ready to throw a freaking plate across the room. What took you out of your high flying vibration and smashed you down to the bottomless pits of hell? Why is it so challenging to let this thing slide off your back and let it go? It's not as hard as you think it is, I promise you. Here are 3 simple tips to letting that sh*t go.

1.) Find A Centering Exercise

It doesn't matter if you've never meditated before, give yourself something to that can bring your attention back to you and you alone. There are tons of different activities to choose from that will help you regroup and shake the weight of the world off. One of my favorites is a quick body scan. Start by closing your eyes and focusing your attention on the breath. Visualize a cosmic snake spiraling each part of your body from the crown of the head, to the tips of your toes. Notice any places in your body that are painful, need a stretch, or may be carrying any tension and send breath to those spaces.

Another centering exercise can be coloring. Yes, I said coloring. Grab you a nice coloring book, or if you're a creative, make your own! Get you some colors and have at it. This may sound childish, but your inner child is housed in your center. When the world start to be overwhelming, activities such as this bring you back to a more simplistic and calming state. You can even grab a word search or crossword puzzle to help ease you back to center. Start your favorite playlist, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy yourself.

Another example is, writing. This is my go to! It helps to get any thoughts that you feel in the moment out right away before they begin to build momentum. Stopping thoughts before they gain momentum helps disrupt the manifestation process. If you didn't know, anything that you think for a long period of time makes its way into your vibrational escrow. If you do nothing to stop it, you will receive it. That includes negativity! Writing helps you to stop yourself from spiraling into a devastating or destructive space and can also birth some pretty incredible art in the process. Whether you choose to share what you wrote, or keep it in a diary or journal writing is always a great way to pull yourself out of the bullsh*t and back to center. Use this as a way to review what you're feeling and discover why those feelings, actions, beliefs, or behaviors that cause you issues continue to manifest.

Feel free to play around with different exercises. The goal is to find something that you can do in a moment of insanity to bring yourself back to a place of solitude. We call this grounding. It disperses any energy that is not serving us in the moment. So, if people or situations are bringing you down, be sure to give time to creating a centering routine that pulls you out of the moment and helps you regroup so you can control your energy like a pro.

#2.) Get In Your Bag

Okay, so you may hear people saying "I'm in my bag," but what does that really mean and what does it look like for you? Being in your bag is no different than being in your own lane. It means that you understand what compliments and showcases your gifts, skills, and talents and allows you opportunities to grow by using them. This is a great way to get tapped in and let your creativity shine! There's a lot of bullsh*t going on in the world today, but you want to give yourself something to retreat to so your creative juices can flow, the noise rest of the world can be silenced, and you can use the craziness to inspire something that educates or sparks change for others.

Getting in your bag looks different for everybody. Some people cook, some clean, some write, and others dance. The best place to start would be to think about what you would do if you had all the time in the world and you knew that you couldn't fail. Ask yourself, "do I like to sing/dance/perform? Do I enjoy talking to others and helping them navigate through limitations? Do I like to draw/paint/sculpt? Am I into playing/watching/critiquing sports?" Finding your bag is the same as finding who you are and what you enjoy. You can fall into fashion, cars, running, swimming, bowling, dancing, makeup, literally anything that you enjoy doing and are willing to apply attention and even discipline to. The more you do it, the more comfortable you are in your bag.

A major key to this is cutting off ALL your electronic devices for the time you're doing your thing. If you allow yourself to watch everybody on social media or programming on tv then you may find that you get discouraged by comparing yourself to others. Don't let that happen! Even if there's someone else doing what you do, they aren't doing it quite like you can. So to eliminate the stress and even drama of falling victim to this, cut the distractions and give yourself time to focus on your gig. Always keep in mind that focus and consistency bring results, but an idle mind yields wasted energy.

3.) Find A Circle That Knows the Real You

This is probably the biggest gem that I can give you for free baby! Find you a group of folks that know you apart from the image/persona/art/money that you've amassed! Get you some real friends that understand that when you're tapped in, you may be focused, but you aren't disconnected from the whole. A circle that is focused on building their dreams and healing their emotional wounds rather than feeding them brings forth much fruit. You need a safe place of refuge to let your hair down, grieve, heal, or vent when things aren't on the ups. You also need them to help you brainstorm, give feedback, offer support, and tell you the truth even when you may not want to hear it. These are the folks that will understand you when the sh*t just keeps on coming.

A good circle will help you identify things that might be holding you back, keeping you stuck in cycles and patterns, or moving you down the wrong road. Be careful, because not everybody is your friend, but the folks in this type of circle will offer the space to learn who you are and allow you to do the same with them. They will listen to you and meet you where you are while encouraging you to push beyond your comfort zone. They typically are able to support you in specific areas, so be mindful of what those areas are. If you're lucky, you may find someone that can help support you in all areas.

This circle doesn't just have to be friends and family either. They can and should include your doctors, coaches, therapists, mentors, and the likes because they see who you are and notice what you need most in order to be the best version of yourself. Make note to pay attention to ANYONE that drains your energy in an unhealthy way, keeps you in a place of no progression, or just takes advantage of you overall. You're not a play thing for someone to have fun with, you're a person that deserves peace to dream, believe, and become who you are destined to be.

The objective to overcoming bullsh*t in life is to find ways to reflect on yourself and the life you've been living. When things get tough and become consistent, there are one of two things happening. You are either stuck in a cycle because you have not been reflecting and are missing the lesson you're meant to learn. Or, you are elevating and need to ground yourself so that you can shed your old skin and expand. Either way, you have to give yourself time, space, and grace for the process to do its magic. Failing to reflect or notice how you're moving only serves to perpetuate more of the bullsh*t. If you need to let go, let go. If you need to move on, move on. If you need to establish boundaries, put them up! Whatever you need to avoid the bull and fit the bill, make it your reality because nothing is more important than your holistic expansion and peace of mind.


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