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Mission Statement:


The Dream Incentive helps diverse (millennial, gen z, lgbt+, etc.) professionals that are stuck in survival mode manage uncertainties, master their discipline, and achieve their most abundant life. This is done through certified coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF),  certified reiki healing, and energy shifting techniques that help you explore parts of your life and career that hinder your expression or advancement. Our certified process identifies and addresses obstacles to your success. We are experienced in personal, brand, and business development through 9 years of professional marketing experience, emotional healing techniques, project management, conflict resolution, team building, motivational speaking, and working with diverse populations. We are excited to apply our expertise to help you create a well nourished life and career that you can be proud of. Let us support you in giving yourself an incentive to live your deepest dreams.



The objective of The Dream Incentive is to provide our clients with opportunities to advance in areas of life and business that require support, provide coaching opportunities to men, women and young adults from diverse populations and underserved communities, to instill motivation and confidence into individuals that struggle with expressing themselves authentically, provide education and a safe space to confront societal norms. It serves to help clients develop their personal brand, develop and support healthy communities, encourage active participation in self-reflection and self-identification processes, and support spiritual/emotional development and advancement. It serves to provide comfort for clients to fellowship, create, and execute a well rounded plan-of-action while offering support and accountability through the entire process.


Core Values:


  • Self-discovery

  • Personal progress

  • Personal Branding

  • Inspiration

  • Encouragement

  • Acceleration

  • Transformation

Full Spectrum of Specialties:


  • Life & Business Coaching​​

    • Leadership development & personal growth

      • Transitioning from blue collar to white collar positions

      • Navigating workplace situations

      • Advocating for yourself and others professionally

      • Communicating your value to your employer

      • Professional relocation transitions​

      • Building strong and effective leadership teams

      • Effective communication between leadership

      • Establishing new workplace cultures

      • Self-discovery and connecting with your authentic self

      • Emotional support during life transitions

      • Removing obstacles that stunt progression

    • Effective communication

      • Professional (speaking with staff, management, and customers/clients)

      • Personal (inner dialogue)

      • Relationships (listening and responding effectively)

    • College/Graduate mentorship

      • Academic coaching to begin and successfully complete academic programs

      • Career coaching to identify a career that aligns with your ideal you

      • Life management techniques for working professionals

      • Reducing stress & anxiety of professional and academic transitions

    • Navigating stress & anxiety

      • Employment

      • Unemployment

    • Life balance​

      • Creating self-care practices that fit your personal needs

      • Introducing opportunities to show self-love

      • Support in defining a personal spiritual system

      • Creating a spiritual system that fits you and your needs

    • Small business development

      • Brand and business development coaching to get your business started

    • Marketing

      • Brand development

    • Emotional management

      • Addressing fear and doubt

    • Relationships

      • Navigating difficult familial relationships 

      • Attitude, behaviors & conflict resolution

      • Relationship coaching for improve effective communication and spice up sex

    • Youth leadership development

*1-on-1 and group sessions available


  • Reiki Healing & Energy Shifting​:

    • Infuse objects

      • Can infuse an object of your choice to provide healing, success, love, etc. in alignment with your highest possible good

    • General reiki sessions

      • Remove blocks and regulate chakras to lift energy and heal emotional wounds

    • Emotional healing

      • Heal emotional wounds that impact your daily behaviors and thought processes and align with your highest possible good

    • Aura Baths 

      • Attract more of what you want in life and become more in tune with the world around you

    • Distance Healing

      • General reiki sessions done remotely

    • Pet Reiki

      • Serves to calm your pet's energy 

    • Etheric Body Double

      • Helps to integrate a complete and necessary energetic changes to align with the life of your dreams (case-by-case)

    • Soul Retrieval

      • Retrieves part of the soul that have been displaced due to trauma and safely integrates them back into your being

    • Quantum Healing

      • Heals your body, mind, and spirit by shifting energy at a quantum level by using your own life force (chi or prana)

    • Timeline Shifts

      • Corrects alternate timelines that may impact your ability to think, believe, and express yourself authentically

*Energy work can be done remotely

  • Guided Meditations​:

    • Basic Meditation Classes

    • Abundance​ Meditation

      •  Guides you through a gentle meditation to eliminate blocks preventing your from aligning with the abundance of source

    • Emotional Healing Meditation

      • A gentle meditation that helps process past traumas and heal emotional wounds

    • Guided Affirmations 

      • Meditation that integrates personalized positive affirmations into your subconscious​

    • Setting Intentions

      • Helps you to identify and set goals to integrate into your subconscious mind​

    • Visualizations

      • Meditations tailored to your specific needs: healing, focus, manifestation, etc.​

    • Frequency Shifting

      • Shifts your vibrational state through guided visualizations ​

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