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Mission Statement:


The Dream Incentive helps creative overthinkers get out of survival mode to manage uncertainties, master their discipline, and achieve their most abundant life. We're experienced in helping our clients with major life transitions including loss of a job or loved one, creative blocks, going back to school, entering management/ executive positions, starting a business, etc. We specialize in personal, brand, and business development through 10 years of professional marketing experience, emotional healing techniques, project management, conflict resolution, team building, motivational speaking, and working with diverse populations. We are excited to apply our expertise to help you create a well nourished life and career that you can be proud of. Let us support you in giving yourself an incentive to live your deepest dreams.



The objective of The Dream Incentive is to provide our clients with opportunities to advance in areas of life and business that require support, provide coaching opportunities to men, women and young adults from diverse populations and underserved communities, to instill motivation and confidence into individuals that struggle with expressing themselves authentically, and provide guidance and a safe space to confront limitations that stunt progression. We serve to help clients develop their personal brand, develop and support healthy communities, encourage active participation in the self-reflection and self-discovery processes, and support realistic action and advancement. in personal and professional endeavors. We serve to provide comfort for clients to fellowship, create, and execute a well rounded plan-of-action while offering support and accountability through the entire process.


Core Values:


  • Self-discovery

  • Personal progress

  • Personal/Professional Branding

  • Inspiration

  • Encouragement

  • Acceleration

  • Transformation


A Word from our Founder:


I created The Dream Incentive to serve as a safe space for unique creative overthinkers to develop themselves and their ideas without scrutiny, judgement, or fear. There are so many spaces for people that follow the blueprint society creates, but not everyone fits comfortably or confidently in that standard. I want to encourage my community to be confident, bold, and bountiful in pursuit of their dreams by working their way out of survival mode.


Survival mode is that fight or flight space that we get in when life is kicking us in the butt. We're meant to stay there temporarily while we sort and figure out how to survive. The problem is, in this day and time we find that stress, anxiety, and fear force us to stay in survival mode much longer than we should. So much so that many of us don't recognize we're in it, or how it's impacting our lives. We might look at everything outside of ourselves as the problem, never recognizing that we're the problem and are capable of being the solution by writing a vision, overcoming obstacles, creating a realistic and SMART plan, and getting at it with committed action.


I created this space to serve as a hub for the creative overthinker that's experienced trauma, limitations, or disbelief in themselves and their unique expression. It's a place for weirdos and geeks to get together and find confidence to develop our art, our expression, and our careers. It's not enough just to dream, we have to be bold enough to actually pursue those dreams. I've documented a number of successful processes that have helped me and others transition out of survival mode and confidently conquer the current obstacles of life to level up and become our best selves. It's all about realizing that purpose is the key and we all have it hidden under all the stress, fear, disorganization, and disbelief. It's up to us to give ourselves an incentive to sort through the chaos, find healing and foundational balance, to live our deepest dreams. ​​​​

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