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Get unstuck, manage life's distractions, master your craft, and achieve your most abundant life.

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A Word About Us


The Dream Incentive is committed to a single goal; helping diverse professionals out of survival mode and into productive, well balanced lives that you can be proud of. We do this by getting to know your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and blocks, addressing limitations that slow or stop your progress and supporting you in creating and executing an effective life strategy to ensure that every part of yourself shines bright. Don't let distractions, fears and circumstances keep you from becoming the best version of yourself. Do the work and live your deepest dreams.



  • Leadership Development & Personal Growth

  • Effective Communication

    • Professional

    • Relationships

  • College/Graduate Mentorship

  • Navigating Stress & Anxiety

    • Employment

    • Unemployment

    • Life Balance

  • Small Business Development

    • Marketing

    • Brand development

  • Professional Relocation Transitions

  • Emotional Management

    • Reducing stress & anxiety of professional and academic transitions

    • Addressing fear and doubt

  • Relationships

    • Attitude, Behaviors & Conflict Resolution

  • Youth Leadership Development

Available In Person or Online

Support Group


Meditating at Home

Guided Meditations
Live or Online Options

Taking Notes in Class


Alternative Therapy

Reiki Healing
Distance REiki
Aura baths
Energy Shifting


Join our 12 week program and learn how to stop living under limits, acknowledge your value, and develop the life and career you dream of in less time.

Starting January 2, 2023 Spaces Limited

What You'll Receive

1 / Item Title

Learn the framework necessary to draft a clear and detailed vision of your life and career. 

2 / Plan Your Moves

Create a realistic plan of action that fits your lifestyle and challenges enough to progress pass your limitations.

3 / Identify the Hold Up

Acknowledge and address the obstacles that keep you from moving to the next level of your objectives.

4 / Receive  Purposeful Support

Receive emotional support and access our network of partners to ensure success in adjusting to your newly defined life.


start your journey to everything you need to transform your life

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Dreams are seeds planted within us by source. Ignoring them diminishes our purpose of being. Give yourself an incentive to live your deepest dreams.

- Joshua Warren, CLC, MHA


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