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Struggling with doubt and fear?
Work causing you extra stress?
figure out your next step without letting fear stop you! 

Book your free introductory call today!

How we help you


The Dream Incentive is committed to helping queer professionals and people of color get unstuck and make measurable progress to master necessary skills to reach your goals.


Get to know your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and blocks, to address your limitations and gain support to create and execute an effective life strategy. Ensure that the parts of yourself you neglect get the attention they deserve! 


If you're tired of letting distractions, fear and circumstances keep you from becoming the best version of yourself, sign up now to GET THIS WORK and live your deepest dreams.

Life Transitions

  • Are you experiencing a major life transition?

  • Are you unclear about what’s next?

  • Do you feel fearful, confused and uncertain?

  • Are you questioning who you are and what you want in the next chapter of your life?

  • Do you lack the support of people who understand what you’re going through?


I can help you sort through what you want out of the next chapter of life and push forward with clarity and confidence!

Book your Free Introductory Session Now!

Support Group

Queer Professionals

Not showing up confidently?
Afraid to act with authority? 
Missing opportunities thinking they're obstacles?

Lack of organizational skills?
Unable to pivot powerfully

Expecting Couple

People of Color in Transition

Lost your job or changing careers?
Lost or losing a loved one?
Challenges in your relationship?
Lack of confidence?
Fear of becoming a leader?

Becoming a parent?

Painting on a Huge Canvas


Inability to move through doubt and fear?
Blocks keeping you stuck?
Inability to make your dream a business?
Lack of organization and time management?
Fear of selling your service?
Lack of self-belief?


Image by matthew reyes


Trouble going from employee to business owner?
Missing out on time with friends and family?
Stuck in a challenging road block?
Lack of self-confidence?

Fear of networking and public speaking?
Unsure of what's next?



Join our 12 week program and learn how to stop living under limits, acknowledge your value, and develop the life and career you dream of in less time.

Slots available

What You'll Receive

1 / Get Clear

Learn the necessary skills to draft a clear and detailed vision of your life, career, business or next project. 

2 / Plan Your Moves

Create a realistic plan of action that fits where you are today and challenges you enough to progress pass your limitations.

3 / Identify the Hold Up

Acknowledge and address any obstacles that keep you from moving to the next level of your objectives.

4 / Receive  Purposeful Support

Receive emotional support and access our network of partners to ensure success in adjusting to your newly defined life.

start your journey to everything you need to transform your life

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Dreams are seeds planted within us by source. Ignoring them diminishes our purpose of being. Give yourself an incentive to live your deepest dreams.

- Joshua Warren, CLC, MHA


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