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Who am I destined to be?

What path is the best for me?

I’ve always been the person I want to see.

But now I feel like a stranger to me.

What’s making it hard for me to believe?

Is it the stumbles I’ve made trying to succeed?

Or maybe it’s the things I’ve seen people do for greed.

Maybe it’s the alcohol.

Maybe it’s the weed.

Maybe it’s the voice that tells me I can’t.

So different than the one that’s ever more faint.

The one that says my greatness is there when it feels like it ain’t.

The one that says, "speak a blessing, instead of a complaint."

Why is it so damn hard for me to focus?

It's like some type of spell or some funny hocus pocus.

It’s like one of the plagues, just minus the locus.

But that voice whispers words that seem to provoke us.

Why is it so got damn tough to be straight?

Cause God made me this way, or did I take the bait?

Was I moving to fast, or is everybody just late?

And is this going to keep me on the wrong side of the gate?

Am I not as good as I once believed me to be?

Or was I being fed lies and just chose to agree?

Is this really the home of the brave and the land of the free?

And what do I need to believe to make this devil flee?

Anxiety makes you feel like a river. Sometimes it’s choppy like raging waters and other times it’s settle and calm. You never quite know what you’re going to get. There are voices that come in like a flood telling us what we’ll never be, but it’s up to us to choose to set ourselves free.

No matter how choppy the waters get remember that you are wonderfully made. There is nothing that you can’t do without faith and belief in yourself. There’s a war going on for the minds and souls of the chosen. Choose to believe in yourself. Choose to be free.


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