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A Journey Into the Deep by Joshua Warren

A depth beyond what the hands can touch

A feeling that he loves so much

Beyond the place that spills the tear

Is what will keep this nigga near.

It takes you deep beneath the core

To find the king's most treasured ore 

A conscious being can’t venture to

The place that he’s referring to. 

In essence, thought will take you there

Where there’s no need for blood or air

Connecting you to inner heat

A tone can sweep me off my feet. 

Believe in you is what’s a must

A man with sense, and love, and trust

That doesn’t follow in the crowd

And says the things he feels aloud. 

It takes a touch that’s soft and strong

To keep his spirit lasting long

And make him grow beyond the stake

To show just how much he can take. 

With will and word can ever few

Defy the odds and still ring true

Engorged with passion in their tongue

And make sure every bell is rung. 

A scene of rolling majesty

Of sound and sex, of earth and tree

Will yield the treasure of the god 

And melt away his dear facade. 


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