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Corporate Punishment by J Warren

Twinkling in the eye of the sinner

bleeding beyond the edges of existence

crumbling swiftly as the pages turn.

Encroaching on the senses of the brave

kneading the flesh of his body

rendering a portrait of insecurity and fear.

He sits quietly


should his next move be to stay

or to leave.

Is it worth the abuse

that he knows awaits him

or should he lay down his pin

and walk free?

What leads him down the path of exhaustion?

What takes him to such heavy spaces?

What breathes in his ear,

robbing him of purity

taking away every ounce of innocence?




All of which are components to his lineage

grasping at the flesh of his ankles,

forcing him to agree to yet more pain.

He’s used to it.

Used to the fear in his heart.

Used to the days of no sleep, nor trust,

nor completed promise.

Just struggle until solution makes its way.


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