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The Journey of Life: Aligning With Purpose Through Inner Healing

Humanity is on the journey to inner healing. Often times as humans we question the meaning of life. We wonder if it's meant for us to be slaves to the elite, if it's to align with our purpose, or discover something more. We venture out to find this meaning searching in strip clubs and pulpits trying to find the truth about it. However, we always neglect the fact that all that ever needs to be known is within our grasp when we ask the question. It's the journey to find inner healing so we can sore beyond the tangible to reach the great beyond. But what the hell does that even mean, right?

This journey to inner healing that we're on takes real work to kill the consciousness and allow the inner man to run free. When this happens, the breath of God can flow through us freely helping us to align with everything we could ever want or need to reach enlightenment. Here's what I believe. I believe that enlightenment is a place we make it to in life when we understand the value that we bring and understand that it's to the glory of God and not our flesh. That means that even though the magic is flowing out of us, it doesn't mean that the glory belongs to us. The tests and the trials that come in life are there to show us this. They come to highlight our weaknesses so that we're able to do something about them.

Many of us run from our weaknesses. We're too afraid to confront our weaknesses, traumas, and shortcomings out of fear that others will see and ridicule us. The goal isn't to be perfect, the goal is to BE! We're here to live life and catch the patterns that are holding us hostage from meeting our fullest and most incredible potential. We can come here and live any kind of way doing anything we want ruining our bodies, our families, our lives, and our planet, but when it's all said and done would we have made a difference in a harmonious way? Or would we have allowed destruction and chaos to win yet again?

Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and many other faiths believe in reincarnation which means that you continue to come around to the physical plane until you get it right. Getting it right looks like understanding that the comfort of your flesh is not the goal. Your flesh is your vessel through which the true essence flows. Genesis 1:28 says, "God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth." That is what we are here to do. Be fruitful, multiply, fill the Earth. We're here to create, explore, name, and expand. We're here to discover the magic of that which we've been blessed to engage with. To do that, we have to sometimes sacrifice what we want to allow God's spirit to flow freely through us.

The older I get, the more this makes sense to me. I love sex! It makes me feel good and it's fun! However, I understand that I can't go around screwing everybody and letting their energy in to influence and disorganize my energy. So I'm extremely mindful of who I'm sexually active with so that I can ensure that there's no energy that hinders the spirit of God from flowing through me. That means even if I think a person is attractive and my husband agrees to welcome them for some fun, sometimes I have to show restraint because it's not about what my flesh wants, it's about what's best for the spirit of God within me. So in that moment, my flesh dies so that the holy spirit can prevail.

In simpler terms, we can't let ourselves get in the way of what God is trying to use us for. And that's not a religious statement, because I promise y'all I'm NOT religious. It's just a spiritual fact. This entire life as we know it is energy. We are alive because the breath of God flows through us. We become magical when we allow the spirit of God to flow through us. It's like how folks get in their flow state to do their talent and use their gifts. When we find inner healing, remove the baggage and blockage, and truly learn to say, "f*** all that I'm just going to let the spirit use me," we're able to hone in to what's specifically meant for us and let everything else die away. I still love sex, but I'm not a prisoner of it. I indulge, and I pivot to the next thing on the agenda to do. And I never allow myself to overindulge because it will then make me it's prisoner.

When we're honest about our weaknesses, we're able to learn how to control them so we can really use our magic. It also makes us conscious enough to remember our true value. It helps us see ourselves completely, instead of as fragmented and limited beings. The more we see our true value, the more self-respect we have and the less manipulation and ignorance we allow. We can stay focused enough to get into and out of the flow state and demand what's meant for us or confront those that mean us harm.

In conclusion, the goal to life is to limit the flesh to let the spirit of God flow through us freely. Be confident in confronting your pains, sorrows, temptations, and weaknesses. Taking control of those demons is how you take control of your life. Inner healing is the way out of your prison and into the promised land. When things get tough, continue to weather the storm as it's teaching and reforming you to be better and better. Even if you fail or fall short, don't give up because that's the journey of man. We fall down and have low moments, but we get back up and keep going forward. The wings of an angel can often weigh them down if they don't use them to fly.


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