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The Voyage of Okwui by Joshua Warren

There’s space in between.

Between the seams that everyone sees

And what’s really me.

There’s space between the two

of who is me and who was you.

It screams to be seen and heard.

It begs for touch, taste, and word.

It bleeds beneath the surface

praying for release.

Wanting your affection,

longing for increase.

It’s nothing you can see

just something you can feel.

It’s nothing you can handle.

It’s up to me to heal.

I stuffed it in the middle

and left it there alone.

It made my life a riddle

of whisper and of moan.

It cried out for attention

and begged the world to see.

I never could imagine

it only needed me.

Who dares to free the giant

from deep between seams?

Whose messages and letters

read deep beyond the dreams.

Of feather hearted journey

and anger quilted lies,

does passion rise above thee

from deep between the thighs.

It moves beyond the spaces

to take its rightful place.

To take the reigns that drive me

and moves within its pace.

It boldens me to speak

with words I hid inside

and walk within a confidence

of which I cannot hide.

Come forth with all your power

and dwell within your place.

Come take your rightful stance

and regulate the space.

Return, oh child of sun and spirit,

grow beyond your years.

And let the heavens stop and see

your laughter, wrath, and tears.

You are the word that’s wrapped in flesh

and deserve the gifts bestowed.

Be bold within each inch of you

as you travel the narrow road.

Tear down the walls that trap you in

and keep the world outside.

Listen to intuition,

and put the pride aside.

I watch beyond the spaces.

I invite you to join me here,

where life is much more beautiful

on the other side of fear.

Breathe deeply with the breath of life

and walk boldly in the dark.

You’re god and angel all in one

you’re more than bite and bark.

Keep your sight unto sun

and let it be your guide.

Release the brake and buckle up

and do enjoy your ride.


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