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Tuesday Thanks

Grand rising, Great One. Grand rising, higher self. Thank you for another opportunity to learn, experience, and grow. Thank you for the challenges that come to build my internal and external muscles and prepare me for the next playing ground.

Thank you for peace of mind to know that no matter what comes my way, you are with me. With me to carry the weight. With me to lead me down the right path. With me to define and refine how I see myself so that I can allow you to flow freely through my vessel. I thank you for always covering me in your precious grace. For giving me all that I need to be blessed, powerful, confident, and most of all, free. I value my freedom and ask that you continue to remove all blocks and limitations that hinder my ability to see, believe in, and experience my freedom.

I thank you for the breath that I breathe, for the food that I eat, the shelter over my head, and the ability to maintain it all. Thank you for your precious word, and for my ability to remain silent to truly hear your voice speaking to me. I demand that anything within me that does not serve the being I am growing to be or disconnects the flow of your essence through me to be cast out of my mind, body, and energy field never to return.

I am ready to receive what you have to give me. I am grateful for the ability to speak my truth knowing that it will free me and help someone else. I speak power, health, and wealth over myself and those closest to me. I speak confidently in every situation and allow your word to fill my mouth. I am ready to answer the call to serve. I thank you for all of the components of me that you have blessed me with and I ask that you continue to bless me with more.

I love you and I thank you Great One for all of your beauty. Make today a beautiful and prosperous experience.


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