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No Freedom in Distraction by J Warren

Freedom. Liberating ones self from the agonizing strain towards an unachievable “perfection.” Without it you are left with distraction. It is what takes the king and makes him a slave to his devices. It is what takes the queen and forces her to discard her self-worth. Distraction. The destruction of freedom. Limiting ourselves to a system that does nothing but destroys. Destroys the inner child, holding him captive with chains of debt and obligation. Grabbing the hand of the builder and forcing her to ignore her dreams of creating unless she does so by his standards, and for his benefit. It is all an empty distraction. A distraction from freedom. We were all placed here on this plane to live. We are here to create and build and share. And yet we allow our brethren to tell us how to live, what makes life worthwhile and how much life is worth as if life is something to be bought and sold. And we allow it. All on account of distraction. The shiny things. The things that make us feel as though we are worth it. The “likes” and “requests,” the messages in our dms, the double taps all are so gratifying, right? Yet, what have we gained at the end? What have we built once it’s done? What can we then pass to our children? “Oh the people loved me.” No love, they loved the idea of you. Loving you is granting you freedom. Loving you is appreciating your worth and paying the price everyday. Loving you is taking the time to figure you out and help you to be the royalty that you’re meant to be. There’s no love in likes. There’s no care in comments. There’s no freedom in distraction. When are we going to realize that?

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