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5 Steps To Aligning With Your Life of Abundance

What happens when life is acting a little stank and all you want to do is make it all work out?

You've given so much time to helping others, raising your family, or doing the job and yet everybody else seems to be flourishing but you!

You're wondering if there's something that's wrong with you or if the universe just has it in your cards to live on this level until the change comes.

That's bull!

When you find yourself in a place where nothing seems to be going your way it can feel like you have to put forth more effort, more time and more tears into your situation just to see any positive results. As we know, nothing just falls into your lap right? WRONG! Each of us have what Abraham Hicks calls a "vibrational escrow." This vibrational escrow stores all the things that you have ever asked for that you have yet to align with.

So that dream care you've been praying for? It's in there!

The millions of dollars you thought you should have? Yup it's there too!

Your shorty with her own bag or the Adonis that's ready to treat you like a queen? Of course, they're in there too!

So I know you're wondering "how do I access all of the dreams that I've asked the universe for? I've worked, prepared, and gave all of myself and it's still not here! What's wrong?" Well, I'm going to tell you! Here are Five Steps To Aligning With Your Life of Abundance.

Step 1 Experience Negative Contrast in Life

Step one is easy. You're probably doing it every single day and not even realizing it. Life sends you all kinds of trials, tribulations and experiences that help you discover what you like and what you don't like. When you're met with situations in life you feel some sort of emotion as a result. This is where you have to start paying attention. The things that make you feel bad are the things that your higher self probably feels very different about which is why you feel anger, pain, sorrow and the like. This is what we call contrast.

When you believe something that totally opposes what the greater part of you feels it causes waves within your life force (vibration). The further your conscious mind is from what your higher self believes about a situation, the worse you feel about it. Start paying attention to these feelings as their the indicator as to what your higher self believes which will indicate that it's time for you to shift how you feel about the situation. If the universe is feeling good about it, chances are you should feel the same way because if you don't you're going to keep feeling miserable and you're going to call what we life coaches call a block that's going to keep you from manifesting the life of your dreams.

Step 2 Source Answers Your Request and Creates Your Desire

In those negative situations, the universe immediately responds to the energy that you're putting out. So remember in that I told you that you're going to want to start paying attention to how you feel in step 1? Well here's why. When you make a request, whether it be verbally or vibrationally, the universe automatically answers that request. For you bible thumpers it's just like the verse that says "ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door shall be open unto you." If you ask for it, you get it. Whether it be good, bad or ugly, you gonna get it!

This is why you're going to want to start moving a bit differently going forward and taking note of the way you feel in situations. Your thoughts are vibrations; waves that you emit out into the universe. If you're constantly vibrating low, your waves are HUGE and the law of attraction sends you more of those huge ass waves. If you're thinking negative thoughts about your situations, complaining all the time or talking bad about yourself or others you are only telling the universe that you want more of that. Even if you say that you're happy, things are working out for you or that "god is going to turn it around," if your vibration is giving "it's never going to happen" source is going to pick that up and honor your request every time.


Step 3 Align With The Vibration of Your Desire

This may be the most difficult step to put into practice so I'm going to put a little more into it to make it easier for you. Taking the time to explore what makes you feel good helps you to shift into a space of vibrational ease. When you're trying so hard, complaining about people and situations or taking care of all of the things you're pushing against the natural order of the universe. Source, or the universe (god if you will), has everything to give you and has already sent it right to you as soon as you asked for it. In fact, the higher part of you aligns with it immediately.

And yet you still don't have your things huh?

It's because you haven't gotten into alignment with what you've asked for. You're holding expectations of what you're supposed to get out of all of your effort which goes against the flow of the universe.

See, source is like a raging river and if you're constantly paddling upstream you're going to lose your momentum and work yourself into a stupor. When you shift from a place of applying effort, holding onto conditions to receiving your abundance and trying to get it all done is when you'll start to see the things that you asked for come to you a lot more easily. The universe is like a magnet and like energy attracts like energy, so if you're asking for abundance and you're giving off broke bitch energy, you're going to stay a broke ass bitch.

I don't make the rules.

Exploring what makes you feel good is the starting point to turning your boat around. Once you start thinking of things that you enjoy, it starts shifting things towards feelings of peace, joy and bliss. Maybe work has grinded you so hard that you can't find your joy. Maybe your ex made you feel so bad about yourself that you have low self-esteem. Maybe you've been doing more scrolling and watching other people enjoy life and have neglected incorporating things that you enjoy into your daily routine. Either way, exploring things that make you feel good is the first step to getting into alignment so you receive everything you've asked for. For instance:

If you are feeling shitty at work, what can you do, bring, or think about at work to make the experience better? How can you shift your environment so that the load is a little easier to carry? If you feel like there's nothing that you can do about it and it's just going to keep being trash, you're going to keep receiving trash so just find a new job or start a new career. If you need help figuring out how to do that or what that would even be, find you a life coach (like me) to help you figure it out. If you don't do what needs to be done to feel better and raise your vibration, you only continue to receive the same results and don't nobody want that mess.

Step 4 Maintain Your Alignment Consistently

This step takes practice but you can do it. The more you focus your attention on choosing peace and aligning with the vibration that you desire, the easier it becomes for you. After a while you develop a true IDGAF attitude which is just what you need! When you stop caring so much about how things are going in your life and you start thinking something, adding something or doing something that brings you joy that's when shit really starts working in your favor. People start looking at you like "there's the guy that's always so positive. He gets on my nerves with all that. He's still in the same shit as me."

And you know what, they're damn right, but what they don't know is that you won't be there for long!

When you decide to stop worrying, stressing and fussing about what's going wrong and you make small shifts to protect your peace, you release resistance and your boat is able to float merrily down the stream. That's why they made the damn song. When you row that boat merrily your life is a dream. Maintaining that dream is as simple as feeling your way into it. If you want something, write it down in detail along with how you'd feel having it. Then just believe that you can have it. That's all magic is. It's wanting something and letting yourself have it. Never forget that!

Step 5 Appreciate The Contrast

Let's be real. You're probably going to go through things that you can't just put your head down and vibe your way through it and you might find yourself right back at step 1. That's okay though young grasshopper. The good thing about contrast is that you always know that what you need to receive different than what you don't like is right on the other side of that pole. All you have to do is go back through the steps. Shake some shit up and get back into alignment with how you want to feel. That is the way to get back to receiving what source has stored for you.

That one was easy huh?

In short, you already have access to everything that you could ever want out of life. You need only to be intentional about what you're asking for, align with the vibration of what you want and then let yourself have it. Ariana said, "I want it, I got it" so be more like her. Then you too won't have to worry about a budget!


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