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Dealing With Overwhelming Pressure

Dealing with the pressures of life can bring you down. It could take you to a place of self-doubt, isolation, depression.


It could take you to a place of new realizations and lead you to obtain the courage to take a leap of faith.

Donnie McClurkin’s song says, ”after you’ve done all you can, you just stand.” But I really am starting to lean more towards the “we fall down but we get up!” Instead of standing, just fall…

and trust that the universe is going to catch you.

Okay let me explain.

When you stand, you are exerting an energy that is going towards resisting whatever is keeping you from falling. Standing under pressure, in the midst of the storm, or in the midst of the battlefield is heavy work. You have to put the dedication, determination and effort into standing there taking all the blows that life has to throw at you.

I believe that when you allow yourself to fall, you give yourself a lot more grace. It’s in the moment that you fall and you trust that the prayers that you’ve prayed have made it to their proper destination. It is in the moment that you fall that you realize that everything that was so terrifying is actually going to be okay. It is the moment that you fall that you release yourself of the pressure that is being placed upon your being and you cast all your worries on God.

Falling is nothing to fear...we fall to our knees for protection, for healing, for wisdom and knowledge, for honesty and vision, peace and support. We fall because we know that we can get back up again.

And when we get up…

we are stronger, wiser, smarter, rested and ready to fight.

We’re not supposed to carry the burdens of the universe, that’s not our responsibility. We are supposed to live in abundance knowing that everything is already under control. Harmony will always be found, especially when effort has been applied to achieve it.

You‘ve been working and praying and doing what you’ve been called to do.You’ve put out so much positive energy that the universe has no choice but to deliver more unto you when you finally choose to let it all go!

The great things about the universe is that it is much stronger than you alone. The universe is made up of trillions upon trillions of molecules, elements, and vibrations working together in perfect chaos and perfect harmony. You are a part of that harmony, therefore putting your faith in your situation, your village, yourself is a no brainer!

All you can do, is what you can do. You cannot manage the universe…

Let God do that.

You just do your best, and when that doesn’t work just fall and rest. Source will provide everything that you will ever need. You will obtain what is necessary to keep you moving forward as long as you have the strength and the will to get back up after you have fallen.

Standing in one place and letting the bullets hit you is not going to make you a hero. Knowing when to step back, shut up and let God do the heavy lifting is! In the end you will come through like pure gold, because you were wise enough to preserve your energy to be ready to strike when the time comes.

Moral of the Story:

You can’t do everything. The universe is already in the balance and whether you’re here standing in the line of fire or resting having fallen to the ground, things will go the way they are supposed to go. Use your energy wisely and be intentional with every thought, word and action that you put forth. Giving all your energy to hold up a mountain is foolish when the universe already carries that pressure itself. You’re not a super hero for taking on the impossible, you’re a superhero for enduring the impossible. You are incredible and never forget it!


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