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Mental Wealth Wednesday: Direction

Grand rising, Great One. Grand rising, higher self. This morning we're thinking about direction. What direction of life do we want to go in? What do we want more of and what will it take to get it? What do we need to change, confront, or release to make it possible? These are the questions that come to surface during this conversation.

Defining our direction can feel scary and overwhelming. At times we can feel like things are going to spin out of control if we choose to go down certain paths. But, all things work out for the greater good. It's easy for the mind to take you to places that are riddled with doubt and fear. I know I for one have had plenty of thoughts that have told me I'm not good enough, nobody cares, or I'm too different for people to understand. That's just doubt and fear showing their ugly faces.

We have the potential to meet doubt and fear at the battleground to confront them head on. By deciding what we want and examining the limiting thoughts that surface, we can choose our strategy to tackle each opponent. From there, we write our story and paint our picture to capitalize on the freedom that God gave us. Fear and doubt are sisters that want to hold us in our mental cage, but angels have wings that are made to fly in the heavens. A cage just won't do!

So when it comes to direction and those ugly twin sisters, we have to gird ourselves up and put our armor on to get moving. Nothing is ever accomplished on the other side of fear. We have to trudge through it to get to the promised land to retrieve our things. I don't know about you, but I want my things. And I want to help as many others as I can to get their things too! So break out of your cage, and let's fly to the heavens!


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