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Reality Check 5/9/22

It's a beautiful day today. The sun is shining which is giving me a sense of action. I want to get out and do something fun. Throw on some shorts and get out there to see what's going on. I'm happy that the sun is shining. That the wildlife is enjoying the spring. That the trees are full and the flowers are blooming. It definitely beats the rain. I understand that we need our rainy and cold days to prepare us for the sun and warmth. The days that cause you to stay inside and focus on self and the inner world. Unfortunately, when there's too many of those days, it wears away at the soul.

The spring reminds us what life looks like in it's fullness. When the universe uncoils her wings for all to see we're awe struck yet again. We're reminded of the immense power and beauty that she possesses, and that we are included in it as well. When it starts getting warmer and the sun makes her daily debut, I put my confidence back on. I recharge my cup so that I'm ready to get out there and shine just as bright as she does. I feel restored as if I'm plugged into an outlet and my switch is turned on. It excites me to be about action. What can I do to push things further? Who can I meet to expand one another? What fun can be had to disrupt this cyclic lifestyle? It's a reflection of what life is all about, living.

Today I feel inspired to put on some shorts and head outside. I don't care about the stares, I invite them. I don't worry about the comments, they can't harm me. I won't think about the thoughts, they're not any concern of mine. My only concern is if I'll go to the park or take a stroll by the lake. Do I want to bring a friend or am I good chilling with mother nature? These are the days that I long for. Where I can open the doors and windows and nap in the breeze without the little buggies attacking me. This is the beauty of life, knowing that you can break that shell and get out in this big beautiful world.


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