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Tending to My Garden

Hey there dreamers! Today I decided to give you guys a little update on whats going on in my neck of the 100 Acre Woods. I decided to get a job that I’m labeling my side hustle to accompany my coaching. It’s a marketing gig with freedom! Just what I needed. The freedom to create my own metrics, work closely with an owner, and help them to grow their dream. I love helping small businesses with marketing because it feels like the work actually matters as opposed to larger corporations that seem to just want you to be a number and follow a format.

The best part is that the owner new about me prior to the interview. She remembered me and the work I did with one of my past employers. She was super excited to have me in to learn more about what she‘s looking to do. It makes me happy to know that I’ve been making a positive impact not only financially, but with regard to memorable service too. She even told me that she asked a colleague of hers (whom I know pretty well) about me and she gave me rave reviews. This helps remind me that I’m doing great work out here and people see and feel it.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur it can get pretty lonely and you can start to feel like all the time you’re putting in isn’t amounting to anything. Recently I started feeling like I was wasting my time because nobody needs these services. Then I had to remind myself that there are people out there just like me that are ready to make impactful change to their lives. I just have to find them and introduce myself to them. The work that I do is valuable to people that need that extra support to get up and get it done. I have my own struggles, weight and self-esteem being a few, but I continue to motivate myself to push through and I can do that and more for others that are truly ready for change.

Sometimes you have expectations that things will automatically manifest the way you see them in your head and that’s unrealistic. I started germinating some seeds because I’ve always wanted to start my own garden. Each of those seeds take their own time to begin to germinate. Some have already began to sprout and start their journey. Others are still in the process. Not everything happens over night. It takes discipline and dedication to get to the goal. One thing I know for sure is that everything is constantly working out in my favor. Just as my seeds are beginning to grow, so will my business and the rest of my endeavors.

Remembering that things take their own time can get to be overwhelming in the microwave generation. It can feel like nothing is turning out as it should, but don‘t allow yourself to succumb to doubt and fear. Just move when God says move. I take pride in knowing that I was able to find a job that matches exactly what I’ve needed to the letter and provides me with the freedom that I need to continue to grow my business. The seeds that I’m tending to are going to be a beautiful garden one day, and with that will come it’s own set of obstacles. And I’m absolutely ready for whatever comes. No more am I worried about how things will turn out or what people think, I stay in my lane and move full steam ahead until I arrive to the destination.

I‘ve never been in this particular place before, but I know that God wouldn’t bring me here if I couldn’t measure up to the challenge. And one thing I know about myself is that I ALWAYS overcome a challenge. I needed the time away from working to get the most important aspects of my business squared away. I had to purchase and prep my seeds. Now that that’s done, I can focus on the grind equipped with new boundaries, self-care practices, and a few streams of income to fall back on if this new venture doesn’t work out too well. But, I have faith that it will. The owner of the business that I’m working with is a black entrepreneur and she understands the journey of a business owner. I think I can learn a lot from her and I’m excited to teach her everything I know to help her dream grow.


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