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The Value of Reiki and Energy Work by Joshua Warren

I did my first reiki session on a few folks outside of my circle this week and it was a powerful experience. I was able to use my intuition like I haven’t been able to and it was spot on. People don’t believe that it’s possible to read, feel, shift, heal, and manipulate people’s energy, however we do it all the time without even realize we’re doing it.

We put ourselves in emotional prisons by building walls around our energy (which can be dangerous or be the cause of stunted progression or growth). We speak and think over ourselves in abusive or limiting ways that hurt us and discourage our ability to expand. We do all sorts of things believing that they help us when it absolutely doesn’t. Maybe it did for a time in our lives, but it no longer serves us.

Reiki is an energy healing process, meaning it uses the energy of the practitioner to heal the recipient emotionally or physically.

“How does that work?”

Well each of us has our own energy field (just like the sun or the planets). Sometimes that energy field and the channels through which our energy run become blocked, overactive, or disturbed. When this happens the energy is out of whack (think of a circuit that’s been disrupted. It can disconnect the circuit or cause a dangerous result). Reiki used energy of the practitioner to fix these disturbances. Each chakra is the center through which certain energies run. So if there’s an issue with that area of life, you can easily identify what needs work and create a plan to address it. A master energy worker can help you navigate through that process. And it doesn’t hurt if they’re also a life coach😉

“How does it help?”

Again, reiki is a healing process. It can heal emotional wounds, release old or negative energy, heal physical ailments, make you more physically attractive, and replace energies. So basically it’s manipulation of energies so that they are in proper alignment.

“That sounds demonic!”

Well, it’s not. Our energy is manipulated daily. Actually, we manipulate energy every day all day. Everything in existence is energy. Matter is energy and can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas. The energy is never destroyed, only transferred. We learned that in science class🤓

“What that mean?”

That means that if done well a person can manipulate an energy positively or negatively. You know, like tv, music, preachers. If done with positive intent it can be extremely beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

All in all learning to use this gift has been extremely rewarding to me. I don’t even truly know what caused me to take the class and become a certified reiki master, but I’m glad I did. The uses for this ability are outstanding. It makes sense to me now why so many people have always come to me with their problems. I make people feel better energetically.

I used to hate that because some people and situations require you to give out huge loads of energy just from one interaction. The person always left feeling better while I then felt like shit because I was drained and the energy was not reciprocated. It caused me to feel used and created deep abandonment issues within me, so I really didn’t like it.

Now, I’ve learned tools to protect my energy and restore myself instead of looking at other people to give what they don’t have access to. We get our energy from a lot of sources, it’s important to know and understand just what “source” you’re connected to, receiving energy from and giving energy to.

I am grateful to everything that happened to me in 2015. It was one of the most challenging points of my life. Had I not been broken, depressed, and stressed I would have never started the journey to discover the power of true healing. I’ve always been a healer and now I recognize just how impactful this gift is. The challenging part is educating others so that they see and understand the value of it.

Most folks hate playing the role of the healer in games, but it is because it requires immense skill, patience, strategy, and a lot of work. Not everyone is cut out for it, but it is a game changing benefit for the entire team. A master healer can change the trajectory of a game.

Although this is a huge challenge, anybody that knows me knows that I ALWAYS overcome a challenge. That means that I’ll continue to practice, continue to support, continue to hone this gift so that I can serve my purpose and create dynamic positive change in the lives of many communities.

I am grateful for this gift and so blessed to have it. To learn more stay tuned.


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