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Entrepreneurship is Challenging!...Or is it? by Joshua Warren

In my experience, you could akin entrepreneurship to a game of chess. You can succeed if you understand the opportunities that make themselves available for you, or you can strategize and run the board. But if you don't know the game, or you don't have faith that you can play it, you are dead in the water.

This has been extremely challenging for me to navigate while also working a full time gig, planning a wedding and purchasing, repairing and decorating a new home. I will say that the lord has been blessing me fruitfully, however I wouldn't be being completely honest if I didn't say that the grounds of success are sometimes difficult to track when looking at yourself, especially when you're taught to look ahead.

I, not only believe that it is important to look ahead, but also to pause and review what you have endured to acknowledge lessons learned, mistakes made and opportunities for growth. I also believe that when you are paused that you should also assess where you are, taking stock in what and who is around you and what you are giving attention to.

As well as where you get attention from.

I recognize that I hold a belief that says I can't stop to focus on what's going on around me as I move ahead, and instead only meet what is within my path, administer energy to it, and leave. However, I am absolutely opening my mind to the reality that doing that is bulldozing through the experiences and missing the sweet stuff that comes from it. The challenges that we face are all tests that, if efficiently prepared for, you will make it through.

We can study by reading about what others have done before us, and talk to the individuals that are out here getting to it.

We can stop and check our work by asking someone to review it for us, or actually stopping to get a full understanding of what is going on, what has happened in the past, what works, what doesn't, and what can be applied.

Either way, we will pass or fail based upon what we choose to do in the moment and what we give our attention to.

A warrior that is too busy focusing on the crowd or what was happening before the fight is going to be distracted and eaten alive, but a warrior that is attuned to his surroundings, himself, and the opponent will be a formidable one.

I have learned that entrepreneurship is all about three very important things:

1) Understanding Self

Understanding the products/services that you provide and what makes you special out of all the others that offer these products or services. The market is full of different businesses that may offer exactly what you offer, but nobody offers it like you do. Identifying what makes your brand or business unique helps your ideal clientele to align with you and your services.

2) Understanding Your Surroundings

What is your environment like? Does your industry have others that provide exactly what you do and have sustained for a longer period of time? Understanding your surroundings helps you to see what the playing field looks like so that you can strategically and confidently navigate it. Without proper view of one's surroundings, it is easy for them to be swept in the wave of uncertainty. Look at what the successful and unsuccessful are doing and why. Don't get too caught up on doing what they do, just learning what works and what doesn't in different situations.

3) Network Network Network

Finding mentors and like-minded go getters to align with is one of the most important keys to an entrepreneur. Networking helps you to navigate stronger and from a much wiser place. Find individuals that are leaders in their industries, identify your ideal clientele, and share your passion with others while also asking about theirs. Everyone's journey is a lesson that you can use to shape your brand and business into something that you can be proud of and can bring you much success. Connecting with others that are ambitious, confident and doing more so than just talking is vital to ensuring that your business yields the results that you wish to obtain.

Moral of the Story:

Entrepreneurship is for everyone that has the drive, will and determination to learn the game and play it the way that best suits them. Focus on quality, self-assurance, building a foundation and enjoying every step of the processes (even the difficult ones). Breaking out on your own can be uncomfortable. That's okay! Staying comfortable is what limits your growth, being uncomfortable in this arena will keep you sharp and help propel you towards your dreams.

Understand your vision and how it can and will serve others. Understand your environment so that you can assess what opportunities and advantages align with your strengths. Network with mentors, other entrepreneurs and elders that can share wisdom in navigating the playing field. The human element is still one of the most important factors in business, whether it be to complete the work, tell the story, or learn from.

You can do this! When things get tough, pull from the bowels of your desire and let source fuel you. If business is like a game, learning the rules and studying your opponents will make it possible for you to succeed.



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