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Introducing: Unchained Melodies

Hey there beautiful folks. Anyone that knows me well knows that I enjoy helping others in unique and creative ways. I love using the art of word and song to show others the opportunity they have to make changes to their situations and use them very intricately to unlock their ability to see the full picture. I want to show others how their limiting beliefs and emotional baggage keep them from seeing themselves, their careers, and their lives overall as the beautiful gifts that they truly are.

With this in mind, I've decided to use my gift of words to share an anthology of stories to highlight how the things that we believe about ourselves attract the lives that we so often complain about. It's often our nature to just blame others for the things we've attracted into our reality, and although a part of that is true, it is ultimately us that continue to perpetuate those manifestations. So over the course of the next couple of weeks I'll be showcasing a few really valuable lessons that I've learned while living interesting life of mine. All names and situations have been modified to protect myself and the people that are involved. Now get ready to be gagged and educated because this is about to get a little messy.


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