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On The Way Home by Joshua Warren

Sent from the heavens, but stuck here on earth.

Wishing for that grand moment of spiritual rebirth.

Watching and waiting for a moment of peace

to escape the dreary memories of daily defeat.

Lines blurred. Lights like streams of energy.

Wondering if anyone is truly a real friend to me.

Feeling the pressures of bonding with him.

Knowing that he sees what's under the rim.

Trailing the lines of this aging face.

Traveling further beyond this weary place.

Forcing back the shadows to radiate the light,

and still figuring out if that shit makes me feel right.

I'm still deathly afraid of the trials that may come,

but my mind and my body says to get me some.

The more I watch the rain, the more space to create.

Erasing the doubt and engaging my fate.


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