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Unforgiving Past by J Warren

So distasteful,

the unforgiving residue of the past.

Peeling away layers of dignity.

Exposing desperation at the core.

Leaving a grown man

feeling broken

and poor.


Scattered memories


into distrust

and abuse.

Casting out light

and allowing darkness to fester.

Beating him with pleasure.

Destroying him with pain.

Eroding away every ounce of faith

that he once had

in humanity.

And yet,

he still tries.

Finishing the work

that he set

Speaking unspoken words

that not many

could truly read.

Moments lost in thirsty conversations

amidst hidden desires to just

fit in.

It’s a lonely world

full of judgement,

self and otherwise.

What sweet escape.

The length of this blade.

The touch of this skin.

The taste of blood and bone.

Oh humbled eyes of mercy

hear my humble cry.

Secrets turn to lies.

Bitterness tastes

of sour words

and jealous clouds.

Hurting and alone.

No remorse;

just the ever pounding


All from

the unrelenting past.


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