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4 Ways to Keep Momentum When Hit With Distractions and Setbacks

By: Joshua Warren

You've spent months thinking about what you want to do. You recognize that your life is stressful and repetitive and you feel like you need a change. Only problem is, everytime you try to make a change, something pulls you back. Is it relationships? Family? Work? Finances? Or, is life hitting you with the jab, cross combination?

Any combinations of these subjects can cause us to spiral off the path towards what we really want. We make plans to start a business, but finances are depleted because of an emergency. We want to go back to school, but there's no time after work and running errands for the family. It seems like every time we try to get a few steps ahead, life keeps bringing us more and more bull crap that blocks our next move. We have the best intentions, but what is the key to staying focused to make that change stick? Here are 4 Ways to Keep Momentum When Hit With Distractions and Setbacks.

1) Set a Clear and Compelling Vision

You may have taken time to write down what you want to do to change your life, but have you ever stopped to think that it may be too complicated or convoluted for you to realistically believe? When we create a vision for our lives, many of us tend to make huge brush strokes in some areas. We want to make a million dollars. We want a fine and well paid partner that can lay it down in the bedroom and keep it tight in public. We want a family that works together, loves each other, and respects each other's boundaries. While these things sound great in an ideal world, if you're not already on track to making them happen you can burn yourself out trying to hit a target that you don't believe you can hit.

Making a vision can be a daunting process for many of us. We may not feel like sitting around and talking or writing out what we really want out of life is the best use of time so we may be reluctant to do it. On the other hand, we might write it all out and make it include all the things that we could ever want making it the perfect fairytale for us to imagine ourselves in. The only problem is that if the vision looks good, but doesn't FEEL realistic, there will never be a force strong enough to drive you to achieve it.

What do I mean? If you made your vision beautiful, full of all the things you want to see, have and do, but when you read or think about completing it you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed it may not be aligned with the energy you need to make it manifest. The trick about manifesting is that you have to see it and believe it, which means it should be written in a way that is to the best possible outcome that urges you to feel that it's possible. You have to feel like you already have the thing before actually having the thing. See yourself with it, in it, or doing it. Imagine what it feels like to interact with it everyday. Gain confidence in knowing that you can have it.

This might seem like you're just playing make believe, and you'd be absolutely right in this assumption. Use your imagination to make you feel good doing the things that you're creating for yourself. Your vision should excite and delight you. It should inspire you to take action even when things get tough as they oftentimes do. If your vision is painted so big that you can't believe that it can happen, you've already set yourself up for failure.

Tailor your vision to include who you want to be, what you want to have, see and do, places you want to go, the types of people you want to hang and work around, the type of money you'll be making, etc. But, more important than all of this, make sure to include how you want to feel. How you feel in the asking of the thing MUST align with how you feel while waiting for it to materialize. It has to feel like you already have it and that it's working out in order for it to actualize. Saying you want something but believing that it's too big for you to ever receive is the energy stopping you from receiving. When you align with the feeling that you already have it, the universe will align you with all the ways to make it happen. It starts with how you feel about what you believe you're worth having.

2) Create a Plan That's Simple and Realistic

Let's face it, we all get caught up on the logistics of creating and manifesting. We can tell before we start something whether it's going to be a success or a disaster. There's a knowing that steps in and activates your fight or flight reactions. This is your intuition attempting to speak to you. It's also when fear and doubt start to whisper all the things that could go wrong or make the process difficult. Usually that causes people to start feeding into those thoughts rather than addressing them to find solutions. See fear and doubt cloud our judgment and distort our vision. They cause us to see things through a certain lense which makes it hard for us to think of solutions and instead think of all the problems.

This is why when you find yourself in front of an obstacle that's blocking your progress you think about everything that's going wrong and how it will affect everything else. It's like a cancer and it spreads fast. The reality is, every situation has two ends to it. There's the having of the thing and the not having of it. In other words, there's the side that helps you achieve or solve it, and the side that helps you discard it. It's our job to use out intuition and discernment to sort through any possible problems to get to the solution.

The reality is we have to navigate through these obstacles to get to the other side of the path. We can't avoid them. Fears and doubts make the obstacle look much bigger and scarier than it actually is. In this scenario, our job is to calm down, assess the situation, and look for all the possible solutions to the challenge. Examine it at its simplest form. It's helpful to ask yourself the following questions. What do I have to do? How much energy will it take? How much time and attention does it require? Does it fit with what I'm currently doing? Am I able to move things in my current life around to get this done? Do I believe that I can actually get this done? Who do I need to become to get this done? What do I need from my environment to make this possible? These are introspective questions that help us to find the solutions to the challenge by looking at the materials needed, the steps of the process, and the environment needed to make the transaction possible.

Making a plan that doesn't answer these questions only sets us up for failure. So what you have to do is look at the obstacle for what it is at its core, determine the value of overcoming the obstacle, give yourself the tools and environment to make it achievable, and start executing. Anything less will result in giving up or failure. Keep in mind, that it isn't about how long it will take you or how tough the task may be. It's about becoming who you've never been to do what's never been done. That is how you escape the maze and reach the destination. Keep is as simple as it can be and set yourself up to be as successful as possible.

3) Do Your Research and Use Your Resources

We tend to overlook and discount this part of the manifestation process. We've been fooled by all the gurus that tell us, "you don't have to do anything to get what you want, you just have to believe." That shit's dead! Everyone knows that faith without work is dead so just cut the shit at this point. The reality is that with every life change, transformation, transition, or timeline shift there is a required amount of energy that has to go into it. Think of it like science. In order for the reaction to happen we need a stimulant, a control, the materials, the environment, and the necessary energy applied to complete the reaction. If everything aligns, we will get the reaction we desire. In certain cases, we may get something worse or we may get something that's even better than expected.

Doing your research help you make this process so much easier. If you jump in without reading the directions, you might have a more challenging time getting it all done. Researching helps to collect all the processes needed to get the job done, discover mentors and guides that can help guide you through the process, and even places that can give you the components that will streamline the process so you don't have to overwork yourself. There's a saying that goes, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Choosing not to do the appropriate research when presented with a challenge results in struggle. It's like going grocery shopping for a week's worth of groceries for the first time ever, not asking for help, not using a cart, and not creating a list of what you need.

Seems pointless right? And it's going to be a bigger challenge that requires more energy.

Don't do that to yourself. You've already decided what you want to do. You know there are steps you have to take to get to your destination and obstacles in between you and it. Now, take the time to do the research necessary to collect all the materials needed, prepare for the journey, establish your guides and support system, prepare your environment to make this a successful transaction. Doing this will help you find what works best for you to get through to the next level. Like Janet Jackson says, "it's all for you!"

4) Jump In and Get It Done

Now that you've made your vision, have your simplified and realistic plan, and discovered how to make this the most successful process for yourself, it's time to get to work! There's nothing more to it than that. Do the work, keep track of your progress, and keep going until you get it done! These procedures are not always easy. They require the time, discipline, and energy needed to become reality. If you find that you're getting weary, take a break, but DO NOT GIVE UP! This is why we've taken the time to give the proper attention to the previous steps. We need all the proper components in place for this very moment. If you've done the necessary work you will have the resources you need, know the materials that are required and have them in your possession. You will have the support around you needed to get you through the process.

It may be brutal. It may take a lot more energy than you've ever given before. It may cause you to change who you've always been. This is good for you! To get the things that we've never had, we have to do things that we've never done. That means that you have to push through a metamorphosis that's going to cause you to meet your potential. It may take staying up late, cancelling plans, shifting energy, sleeping more, blocking out time, sacrificing sex, or placing your ego on the shelf. Whatever it takes, get it done in a way that perfectly aligns with your highest possible good.

Don't sacrifice others! That causes blowback. Use them for what they can offer you, and pay them their worth. Don't overwork yourself. Give yourself enough time to rest so that you can get what needs to be done, DONE! Eat healthy foods and keep your body active. If you don't use it you'll lose it so you have to keep your vehicle clean, healthy, and strong to get through this process. Never take shortcuts. Nothing in this life is free when it comes to energy work. Everything requires some form of payment. Make sure you're not paying with your life or time unless it's worth it. Ease your way through these obstacles by meditating through the discipline. This will help you keep your focus and enjoy the process rather than focusing solely on the results.

At the end of the day it's important to remember that you've got this! If you've been brought to this, you can get through it. Just always remember to let yourself feel how you feel, express those feelings to get them out of your head and body, and set yourself up to tackle the obstacles head on. It's the story of David and Goliath. You are David with the rock in your hand, and you have the power to slay Goliath. Be intentional, inspire yourself, and believe that anything is possible for you to achieve.

You don't have to struggle through your journey alone, make it easier by getting signed up with a coach to help you navigate these challenges. The Dream Incentive offers standard coaching that helps you start on the right foot to conquer Goliath and reach your goal. Contact us today!


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