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Angel or Demon: Your Spiritual Frequency Decides

Are you an angel or a demon?

It truly depends on the time, place, and situation. Who's there? What's going on? How do I feel? The concept of angels and demons is seen from a "reality" based religious lense for many rather than from a spiritual one, which I'm learning is more scientific than we all thought. So let me explain that a little before I dive into the deep end. Our spiritual self is the inner vibrational portion of ourselves that we tend to minimize or ignore. It's the part of us that tethers us to our bodies and our reality. It also connects us to the universe at large. It's the energetic portion of us that transcends the physical and yet encompasses it as well. The best way to explain it is that the spirit is the energetic part of us that can't be seen with the naked eye, but can be experienced. So, with that knowledge base, let's keep it pushing.

In any given moment, our energy is vibrating on a particular frequency. I kind of think of it like musical notes on a measure of a play sheet. When those notes are placed appropriately and played in the key laid out by the measure, we experience a beautiful sound. But, when notes are placed incorrectly on the measure and are played, you get a chaotic sound. Our energy is the exact same. We have to understand that we're meant to define "the measure," what goes on the measure, and that how we vibrate is consistent with what we manifest. Then we can begin to truly comprehend angels versus the demons.

Let me make it simpler because I know I'm losing some of y'all. We're made up of energy that's bigger than just what's inside your body (our soul). It extends beyond the physical body and a part of us is tethered to our body which has its own consciousness (mind). Since it has its own mind, it can influence how we think, act, and feel. In an angelic state, we experience greatness. The glass is half full and we will come to a solution using what we have at our disposal. In a demonic state, we experience chaos. The glass is half empty, things will only get worse and nothing will go according to plan. We project that energy onto our reality when we're in these different states of being using our thoughts, words, and actions. Which state we find ourselves in is dependent on what the physical part of us that houses our consciousness (mind) feels, and as a result believes.

Okay, let's proceed. Our bodies are like tuning stations for all the vibrations that ever were and are coming into being. There is the present leading edge which is the physical environment that we see along with the new thoughts and discoveries that are birthed during this time of existence. Our physical bodies are influenced by all the vibrations floating around at any given moment. Depending on the frequency we're vibrating on, we might pick up something angelic (high vibrational) or something demonic (low vibrational).

The more we get to know and spend time with ourselves the better we get at understanding, defining, and manipulating both our vibration and the frequency we're on in the moment. You might be shitty at it now, and you might not have even realized that you were even doing it, but you've been creating both who you are and the world around you by manipulating these energies and vibrations since before birth. You, like most, are probably just riding the waves without learning how to control it and use it to your advantage.

If you're like I was when I made this realization you might feel like "damn what the f*** have I done," but don't start spiraling, the more you practice the better at it you get. To get in tune with this gift we MUST get to know how to use it and avoid letting others convince us that it's evil to do so. Energy is constantly being manipulated in life. Our thoughts, words, actions, and the materials we use has to be intentional in order to yield the results we want. If we do anything less, we're living sloppy AF. We don't want that so let me put you on game.

To stay on an angelic vibration we have to learn how to stop giving a damn about things we can't control. We have to let our greatness be what it's going to be in the moment. Let yourself and the situation be and move and act accordingly. Let's say you're at work and your boss comes at you, angry because you forgot to do something important. You have a choice in that moment to either go where your higher self automatically goes, which is were the growth happens or resist and cause energetic variance (go in the opposite direction and pop off). The choice is yours, but to stay on an angelic vibration, own up to the part you played and work with your to develop a process that will help you do better next time, or create the process yourself so it doesn't happen again and you can level up.

Now, if you're on demon time, then you'll probably go in the opposite direction and think of all the things that are wrong with the process, the job, your boss, the way they approached you, whatever. Once we go there we're moving further away from what will help us level up and instead focus on our egotistical comfort which just wants to keep us safe and comfortable. If you choose to go in that direction to fight the fight of the many trying to swim upstream then you're probably going to get swept away in the mess. Tell the person off, catch an attitude, or internalize it like you're not good enough or something. All which put you on the frequency to receive more thoughts that exist on that frequency. In other words you become susceptible to the forces that exist on those lower frequencies.

Note: ALL thoughts we create and receive sound like our voice because they're received and processed through our brains.

This is why we preach about meditating and doing shadow work. Shadow work helps us get to know ourselves. We're the most important character in our story. Doing our shadow work helps us learn our flaws, strengths, weaknesses, powers, habits, behaviors, triggers, and restrictions. It also helps us discover what's truly of us or what's been planted in us by something or someone outside of us. When I started this process I immediately got pissed at my parents, God, and the people I looked up to in my life because I saw myself as underdeveloped overall. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't tell me that I should have been paying attention to all these parts of my life! Like, what the hell was wrong with them!?

Then, I realized that what I was beginning to do was something that lots of people only partially do or avoid doing all together. For somebody like me that has a ton of very unique and intricate pieces of myself, it's going to take time and effort that most folks will just glide over and neglect. I started to pick up those pieces, release the blame I was placing on others and myself, and take hold of the wheel of my life. Although it's a lot and can feel like it's everybody's fault that you ended up here, it's ultimately up to you to take those pieces and put them together to be the masterpiece you're meant to be. The process of learning and unlearning is needed to help us develop our gifts, talents, and skills. It also helps us understand how to adequately manipulate our energy and the energies that influence us.

The moral of the story is this. I don't believe there are little monsters or beautiful creatures that are physically here messing with us. However, there are definitely energies and entities that are unseen and are constantly waiting for the opportunity for us to enter into their domain (slip into their frequency) so that they can grab us by the wheel and influence as much as we'll allow. The further away from the inner god within us, the more influence they have. All the poisons, distractions, and lies that tell us to look outside ourselves for the source all exist to disconnect us from the truth that the more grounded and defined we are in our inner god, the more control we have to use our energy fully without influence.

I understand that this concept might go above some people's head and might shake the table for others, but it's just something that I've come to. It's up to us to be as christ-like as possible so that we control the gift that we've been given to be here creating on the leading edge. Now the question is do you want to be and angel or a demon today?


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